Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ok...so I have done some research on why I just woke up bloated yesterday...and today for that matter and  these are the reasons...

  • Hot or humid conditions which can contribute to water retention.
  • Not drinking enough water, which can trigger the body to retain fluid.
  • Standing for long periods of time, which can cause the lower extremities to swell.
  • Over consumption of diuretic foods like caffeine.
  • High sodium intake from processed foods during the day.
SO ....I guess when I look back...maybe I was indulging in a bit too much caffeine over the weekend...but seriously to feel this bloated....grrrrrrr!

This morning, I pushed myself hard to rid the bloat!!!! It worked! I did 1 hour of plyometrics and my spin class following! Tough workout!! But it did help to rid the bloat!! WOO-HOO!!!
My favorite plyomteric move is the JUMP SQUAT.  Unfortunatley...my camera was not with me to take some photos today, but here is something I pulled from the web (http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/plyometricexercises.html) to explain this awesome move!!

Lower Body Plyometric Exercises (Low Intensity)

Squat Jumps
1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, trunk flexed forward slightly with back straight in a neutral position.
2. Arms should be in the “ready" position with elbows flexed at approximately 90°.

3. Lower body where thighs are parallel to ground and immediately explode upwards vertically and drive arms up. Do not hold a squat position before jumping up – keep the time between dipping down and jumping up to a minimum.

4. Land on both feet. Rest for 1-2 seconds and repeat

Prior to takeoff extend the ankles to their maximum range (full plantar flexion) to ensure proper mechanics.

I have made a new goal for myself! I have given myself a 5 week training plan to start increasing my runs! I have been mixing up my routine lately with cardio; and have not been running as much.  So...the run plan is on! 
This should be NO PROBLEM..hahahaha! Hey... this was my record! I can do it again...now I just want to maintain that record and then add intenisity incline training to it!!!

****Ronnie and I are going away on vacation somewhere in 5 weeks, so we are on a strict fitness and nutrition plan!! EAT CLEAN BABY!!

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