Sunday, September 20, 2009

Body World's in Buffalo

Yesterday I had the most informative day ever!!  It was the perfect way for me to visualize the human body and prepare for my studies!! I went to Body Worlds with my sister Ruby who is a nurse.

 definitley went with the right person, as she helped to clarify some of the difficult things that I couldnt understand. The Buffalo Museum holds this exhibition of REAL HUMAN BODIES!! Its absolutley awesome! The focus was on the Heart, and the functioning of organs, muscles and bones. I am currently studying this for my trainer exam...and this exhibit totally clarified everything.
I posted the website for you to check out if your interested!!

After a couple of hours in the museum...we went shopping at the Walden Galleria! I dont know about you, but if we are in a "recession", it sure didnt feel like it...the mall was PACKED! I was very hungry, and didnt plan any food to bring....oops! We went into the food court, and I ordered the 'best' option I could find. In the end, it hit the spot! It was from a Japenese restaurant, Steamed Rice and was all cooked in purified water, no oil! It was quite a large portion, and to my surprise I finished 3/4 of it!

After a great day with my sis, I went to our neighbours house for a bomb fire and enjoyed the gorgeous cool evening.

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Anonymous said...

Great day!! Sounds like you are on the road to a great career in something you are good at!