Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Natural Healing with Shanti

I am a very healthy person overall, and I was starting to get concerned with a few minor things happening...bloating and digestive issues to be exact!! I was really hoping that I wasnt dealing with a food allergy to my favourite foods!!! So instead of doing what most people do...and go see a medical doctor, get blood work, and nutrition prick tests...I decided to see Shanti!!


Shanti is a miracle man!! I really feel that he is the absolute best person to go to as a 1st resort!! He understands the human body, and through reflexology and shiatsu, he worked on me! I discovered that my digetive issues was a due to a lack of minerals in my body. I drink a lot of water that is 'reverse osmosis' which actually has NO minerals left in them. I also added in some natural digestive enzymes into my daily diet and this has already improved my circulation and digestion. After my 2 hour session...I had seriously felt incredible!! I learned so much about myself and talked with a man that I would now consider my friend.

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