Friday, October 16, 2009

Peanut Butter Crazy!

Ok, so somewhere along my journey of health and nutrition I have found a ridiculous craze for peanut butter. Like, seriously..its just not normal. It actually barely makes it to bread in my house. I usually just buy the natural peanut butter in crunchy from the bulk barn. (I really cant stand the 'oil' seperation from the grocery stores). Its messy and I never seem to be able to stir it well enough to get it smooth all the way to the bottom!

So.....I went to METRO yesterday, (they bought out A&P) and I thought I should check them out for variety. I am not really loyal to any store, I like to mix it up. But I was pleasently surprised to find that they had a great vegetarian selection and the most peanut butter offerings I have ever seen!!  I chose the White Chocolate Peanut Butter! The whole way home I was thinking about 'how' this could taste............

Well, as soon as I brought the bags in I ripped the lid off....and scooped out a good portion to taste...and YUMMY!!!! I loved it!!! It is natural and moderation though. Its a bit high on the calorie side, but it is worth it for a scoop of sweet love!!

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