Friday, October 2, 2009

Today is an Ending and Beginning

Today is my last day with the family biz, and therefore an ending with this chapter of my life, and a beginning with Personal Training. Its incredible to feel such a wave of emotions. I have realized that while I may have thought of myself as just plugging along to help as much as I could at the family biz, I have had an impact on some people. More than ever I realize that today.

My Aunt Phyllis, whom I call Auntie Mama is truly a second Mama to me. She is such a wonderful women that I have had the pleasure to get to know. The more that I am around her, I see her strength her dedication and deep love for family. I look up to her. I will miss our daily chats and exchanges of goodies...but I know I made a true friend for life. No matter what direction we go, we will always have this deep connection. SO....todays blog/journal is just about THANKS to may Auntie Mama.
Thanks for the support and thanks for always being there for me.
I love you!

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