Monday, November 2, 2009

Cuba Vacation!

Wow! Cuba was an awesome experience! In a nut shell....we absolutley enjoyed our 5 year wedding anniversary on the beach! It was a romantic holiday with tons of relaxation!

We rode a horse, went jet skiing, visited a Cuban farm, watched live dance shows, met with a native tribe and just chilled at the beach and swim up bar!!

Flawless foodie...not so much on this holiday! Food wise, we ate well, but probably the rum punch and bahama mama stuff is what set us back a bit...oops! Well....on vacations I suppose you are to "vacate" from your routine. So we did a bit!!

We hit the Cuba gym (HOT, HOT, HOT) almost every morning! No A/C and a 20 minute run felt like hours!! I never ever seen my fingers sweat...but this week I did! It was the hottest workout ever!

There's Ronnie....sweating it out!!!

My favorite thing was renting a moped and driving through the country roads! It was incredible to see the true Cuba, the way they live, the happiest faces and poor lifestyle. The animals randomly everywhere, the horse's as a main means of transportation! A true culture shock!

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