Monday, November 9, 2009

Dream BIG!!

This week, I am focusing on Dreaming BIG!

"Dont hold back on the size and scope of your dreams.
Whatever you dream, you can do!

DREAM BIG, WIDE, Dream as far as your heart can see."

Take from: Inspiration for Living Your Heart's Desire

We all have dreams, and I truly believe that if we applied ourselves to them, and made some stepping stone goals along the way, we can achieve anything. I have done this through my own fitness journey and career pathing as well and it really has allowed me to appreciate all I have acomplished and who I am today. I have some future goals to focus on, and I am at the DREAMING stage, to start my planning!! This is the best part! 
Enjoy the dream, and live in the moment.

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Concord Carpenter said...

That's a great picture of you by the lake ~ gorgeous.

Your blog is GREAT! It's obvious that you are passonite about what you do.

Thanks for sharing!! I've decided to follow you're blog. Stop in to mine for a visit.