Monday, November 30, 2009

Vegetarian Chili

Its cool outside and I just love cooking at this time of year! So I have made a very easy Vegetarian Chili that I served over 1/2 cup of a rice blend that I created too! The rice is a mix of brown rice, wild rice, wheat berries, lentils and flax seeds. (the rice looks like a lot more, due to the fact that the middle is missing and that is where I filled it up with the chili! (my husband didnt realize that I cut down his carbs!!)


1 can of organic diced tomatoes
1 can of organic red kidney beans (rinsed well)
1 can of organic chick peas
1 chopped zuchinni (diced)
1 chopped green pepper (diced)
1 package of Yves Veggie ground soy (picture below)

After putting all ingredients in a large stock pot and bringing to a boil, I reduced heat to simmer for about 4 hours. Thats it! Easy and soy good!! hahahaha

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Nicci@NiftyEats said...

I made some chili weeks ago, but want more this weekend. I forgot i had chickpeas laying around. I think I'll add some...yours looks great.