Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grilled Chicken, Bulgur with Aspargus!

Ok, so now I have made a new favorite friend...Aspargus! Seriously, I think I almost ate the whole bunch!! This is a fantastic meal, that I will be sure to eat again!
The chicken, I marinated in the fridge overnight, and grilled on the BBQ (yes...all year round baby!)
Then, boiled bulgur for 15 min...what is bulgur???
BULGUR is considered to be a natural weightloss food! The taste is a bit nutty and similar feeling to rice...but even better. It has more fibre, less calories,and is a great source of B Vitamins and Vitamin E.
For the Aspargus, I trimed off the ends, and put in a pan with lemon, garlic and a tspn of olive oil, crushed black pepper and a dash of sea salt! I LOVE ASPARAGUS...did I already say that?? Not only is one of the most nutrionaly balanced veggies, its so tasty!

Grilled Chicken, Bulgur and Asparagus


Sweta said...

Looks like we have the same taste in food-love asparagus, bulgur and chicken .I cook the bulgur with egual amounts of split mung-we call it "khichidi". And next time,try to marinate the chicken in "tandoori" masala before grilling-and voila,you'll have a tasty and simple(healthy) Indian meal :)

Deborah Fisher (Flawless Foodie) said...

That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!!:)