Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sprouted Flax

I use ground flax in almost everything, until I discovered SPROUTED FLAX. The shelf life is much longer, doesn't require refrigeration, and  has many more digestive benefits than regular flax or ground flax. Make the switch if you can!! I found this at a local health food store. Its not always easy to find, but when you do...stock up! You can add this to yogurt, cereal, and baked goods, salad, smoothies and pasta.


Sprouting flaxseed results in the increase of vitamins and minerals, changes in fibre ratios, reduction in phytic acid, stability of essential fatty acids, and enhanced factors and conditions for conversion of EPA and DHA, however; as amazing as all this is, it is the enhanced bioavailability that is the most important benefit. No matter how good the product, if your body cannot absorb and utilize the nutrients, it is of little use.


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Ashley said...

what health store did you find it at??? I am interested in switching over to this!
I am posting your post on my blog for friends to read!