Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Life is full of opportunities and the more I opened myself up to them, the more confused I was getting!
I know it may seem strange, but I LOVE CHANGE. I enjoy to keep things interesting!

Ronnie and I just sold our house, and felt a freedom of after the deal went through. It really tempted us to live our life back in Vancouver, but then as we are planning to go...opportunities here in Niagara had opened up. I wanted to ensure that our hesitation to leave Ontario wasn't out of fear.
We found our dream home(change!!), I have a couple of career options (change!!), Ronnie loves his career, our families are here....these all seemed too positive to leave at this time. The direction kept leading us back here for now. Its not to say that down the road we might not move to Vancouver, its just right now, we are happy here too. The change we needed is the change I got. :)


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