Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Perfect Change!

This is Harley and I on Mother's Day (how fitting!!) when Ronnie and I found our new home. We did a drive by and instantly fell in love with the overall ambiance and energy that the home and area gave us. We knocked on the door 1 hour before the open house began...and it was confirmed!!
This is just out front of our home at the Lake Gibson park.

Its shocking to think that on that day I had so much confusion running through my mind at this time.....
I was thinking about re-routing back to Vancouver and starting up where I had left off....and all of a sudden...this home came. It brought us a sense of peace.  A purpose and place that we felt destined to. I never knew that feeling would come for something other than my husband!! But we both felt that way and we knew that this is where we needed to continue our journey of life.

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I am confident that our decision to stay in Niagara Region is the correct one. The deal on the house went smooth, and in the meantime I was interviewing for the LCBO for a Retail Store Manager position. With the 17 years retail management experience I have gained, this seemed to be the challenge and direction I was looking to take my career. I just accepted the position!! I am happy to state that I will be starting my new career on July 12th and in the meantime, I will be taking a few weeks off for me to begin our modernization renovation in our new home!

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Ashley said...

your new place looks great!!!

Deborah Fisher (Flawless Foodie) said...

Thank-you!! I love it here!!! Come for a visit!