Monday, July 5, 2010

I am OFF the cooler diet!

Maybe its the word diet....but I am just over the half way point in my day, and I have been obsessing about food all day...what I am going to eat...when....etc.

I baked some Turkey Scaloppine  and...well this is where I am border line vegetarian. I couldnt get down even a bite!!

Ok, all the stress of thinking about this, made me dip into chocolate frozen yogurt!!! I cheated already!! OMG!

Then I called Ronnie to confirm that I dont need to go on this strict diet, and he reminded me that I am fit, healthy and only had a cheat meal yesterday.

Continue on my healthy eat clean eating, just avoid the intense COOLER! Phew! I am happy again!!!

Not sure if its just me, but I guess I am not up for this challenge right now.


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