Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving fun!

My sister knows how to decorate so well for the seasons....ahhhhhhhhh

Ok, so she got sucked in on the informercial to buy the NUWAVE oven....

our verdict...'IT ROCKS'!!!

We loved it! We made this butternut squash in the new wave oven in 20 minutes!! In behind are the sweet potatoes roasting away so beautifully!!! YUMMY!!!

I cant resist...(oh by the way this will be the LAST picture of me with glasses on!!! I just got laser eye surgery and I have new eyes!!! I can see!!!!)

My sista!!

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Jenn said...

My step-monster bought a NuWave and loves it as well! Good to see others are enjoying it. I've considered it, but our kitchen is so small that I am terrified to bring in new gadgets. lol

Great blog!!
-Jenn at Jenn's RAQ