Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend in Collingwood

The crisp air, and beautiful colors are so awesome this time of year. We went for a gorgeous hike and found a romantic and magical moment!!!Ahhh!! He he he

I realized a very simple lesson from Harley this weekend...she was leashed for our walk, and I could sense the struggle as she was resisting and really wanted to be set free to explore.

After unleashing my little harley, I watched her as she wandered with such curiousity, chased away anything that was in her way with such confidence and her agility as she jumps and runs around all her obstacles. Loving every single moment, in the moment!

Life is just like that, become curious about the unknown, hurdle those obstacles without fear, and overcome those hesitations with confidence in order to realize the rewards are part of the journey.

You may never make it to the destination, but you might as well have fun doing it!!!

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