Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Whats in my cabinets?

 So this morning I woke up did my usual insane workout at 5am, and rushed home to make a good breakfast....I opened up the cabinets and Ronnie just gasped! Wow...I never realized how much 'stuff' you have! (you see....I do most of the cooking...)
This one above is mostly my baking cabinet. I have some vitamins as well in here.

I laughed and said...I need all of it! Then I took a good look at my cabinets and thought, geez, these are pretty! I like everything in them, and when I go to friends/families houses...I notice that I like going in their cabinets too...more to invade! I like pointing out the things that are NOT healthy, but you think they are. Maybe that should be a job for me!! The food nazi!!! Haha

Anyways, take a peak in, and see what some of my basics are.

This cabinet is my has my oats, and cereals!mmmmmmmmmmm I could eat just this all day every day!!
This basket....which you cannot see, has a collection of protein bars. (for those weak chocolate moments!!)

Have a great Wednesday!!!


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