Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gluten Free-Blueberry Pancakes!!

Good Morning!!

I love pancakes, and while I dont have a gluten intolerance, I do enjoy cooking and baking gluten free from when I can. I find that the ingredients in these types of foods are quite healthy and offer an alternative to just wheat based foods.

I mixed the ingredients as per the package instructions....and added a handful of blueberries at the end.

I poured aprox. 1 teaspoon of Omega Oil (combination of flaxseed oil and olive oil) into the pan and started to make my little pancakes! I even attempted a little heart!!! Hahaha!

Voila!!! Ronnie and I enjoyed these with some 100% Pure Maple Syrup! This is from a local farmer, literally just a few kms from our house. Sooo yummy!!!


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