Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!! We are having a baby!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Yes.....we are pregnant!!! Life as I know it will change and I welcome the changes! 2010 has been a great year of events that I am thankful for. I welcome the new life we bring in this year!!!

Being pregnant and maintaining my 'flawless food' had been challenging over the holidays. Mainly because the things I crave as of late have been basically CARBS!! I have been feeling nauseous almost daily for the last few weeks!!
One fantastic change aversion I have....NO CHOCOLATE or PEANUT BUTTER! Like seriously, these two things for me were absolutely heaven..and now, my body says...NOPE!
But not to worry...I have picked up new cream, pizza, grilled cheese, zoodles, eggs...oh my god...I have had eggs almost every day for 3 months. I might be over that soon!!!

With the new year beginning, I have decided to make a much more conscious effort on my food. I am not dieting as I know thats not what I need, but I am going to give more effort to eat the things that my body should be having.

This morning, I made my favorite classic...Oatmeal with raisins and apples, I drizzled a little bit of agave nectar and skim milk over top! YUM! Perfectly picture...I ate and forgot till after!! Hahaha!

My fitness routine:
Pre-pregnancy was hitting the gym 6 Days a week.
NOW: 4 Days a week is realistic with feeling sick and sleepy lots!

Walking has been replaced with running. Not because I was afraid to run, but more because my body didn't feel good running. My nausea was terrible with that motion.

Spinning (riding the stationary spin bike) has also been a great option for me!

Swimming-> My gym has a great pool, and I plan to use this more when I am feeling heavier...probably the 3rd trimester.


Weights...yes weight training!! I don't understand what the big issue is here, but for me...I feel great when I am strong and lifting weights is a fabulous way to maintain my body and protect my bones!
I am not lifting heavy, in fact, the heaviest weights I lift right now are 15 pounds! As long as I can do 15 reps without pushing too hard. That's my gauge. It feels good, and I plan to continue this for as long as I can.

For my lower body, I am doing alot more squats and lunges without weights and trying to use the stability ball to keep my core strong

I have decided 'no ab' work. That's just a personal decision. I have read mixed reviews, and just doesn't seem right.

I have been doing other things to work my core, IE: plank poses, and stability exercises. keep me on track, I will be writing alot more frequent, please feel free to send me your comments or suggestions. I welcome them!!!


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