Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23 weeks pregnant

So I have reached 23 weeks pregnant and this picture was taken a couple of days ago...b.s (before sick!!)
What I look like today is for only Ronnie to know! sees past all!! 

Well I developed a fabulous cold, a Throat and Chest infection! I am drinking tons of fluids to flush it out! Being sick and pregnant is the worst! You feel worse for some reason, and guilty too! I am sipping on hot water with lemon and honey...its soothing, but its day 2 and I really want to feel better now! So its a quick post to say...HELLO and I'm a bit sleepy today so back to bed I go. 

Ahhh...relief Pure Honey, Hot Water and Lemon! 

I cant even get Harley out of bed today!! Did you look outside today??? What the?? Must be the last of the winter storms that we got overnight! YIKES...It looked like spring yesterday!!! Today is a typical winter day! YUCK!

Back to bed!!! I hope when I wake up this snow is all gone!! :)

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