Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby and Harley

Loving my little love bug! She is so wonderfully snuggly and so loyal to Ronnie and I. Everyone keeps telling us that Harley is going to be jealous when the baby arrives...I disagree. Harley is part of the family and will be part of the baby's life. She will love the fact that we may be home more often, more walks (cuz Mama is going to need to get out more!!) and new family member to love. I think she will welcome our baby girl with full snuggles! 

After a really tough workout, Weight Training, Pilate's, and Power Walk (3 hours in total!!) I am heading to get a full body massage today. Ahhhhh....relief for my achy muscles. I am proud of myself for sticking with my workouts, but it is frustrating on the days that my body wants to sleep and sleep and sleep!  I guess this baby making stuff is tiring!!??!! The biggest difference that I am noticing in my body is the extra fluids I am carrying. Its as though I am one big bloat! My muscles seem softer and my legs seem more like jelly than muscular! What the heck! I am certain all this cant be fat!! I am eating really well....maybe an extra scoop of peanut butter here and there.... Oh well, the body will prepare itself for the magic of labor! I can honestly say...I am scared out of my mind for the actual birth!! Ronnie tried to show me some videos and read about it and I just freaked..."nope, dont want to know...." I think, not sure if this is going to work out in the end...but I think that the less I know about the pain, the less I will perceive it to be painful!! Therefore, naive is the way to go!


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Jaimee Samson said...

Deborah, I know you don't like to put bad things in your body but does that mean that you do not want an epidural when you are in labour. I HIGHLY recommend getting it. NO PAIN!! Jaimee