Friday, March 11, 2011

What are we eating???

So, although I am Canadian...I have to think that these statistics are somewhat relative to Canadians as well. This is a rude awaking, to not be so average and realize that WE own the power to make the best decisions for our bodies and lifestyle.

I have a saying that is commonly heard from me when people critize the amount of money I spend on quality foods. "PAY NOW OR PAY LATER". I believe in buying the best quality food that I can afford. I live within my means, and ensure that I am fueling myself with what my body needs. I prefer not to buy hormone induced meats, dairy, vegetables, and fruits. I choose to eat as natural as I can.



Medifast Coupon Code 2011 said...

Does it scare you when you look at these statistics I know it does me and we are very self conscious of what we consume but we know honestly that we slip once in awhile.
What is this doing to our health care, our children's health care. We are an obese society and there isn't enough helpful resources available to stop this.

Deborah Fisher (Flawless Foodie) said...

thank-you for your comments! Yes it does scare me. I am one to go against the grain here, and unveil the truth behind what most people do unconsciously. We can be the change we see!!