Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am finished working and on vacation before my maternity leave begins! It feels so strange to think that I am done work for over a year!! I have aprox 6 weeks to prepare for our new bundle of joy, and I am thankful to have the time!!

Below are a few pictures from our 3D ultrasound that we took a couple of weeks ago! So amazing to visualize our little girl now! 

At this point in my pregnancy I can say I am still feeling energetic and hitting the gym consistently 5 days a week, plus yoga! I attribute my healthy pregnancy to my lifestyle. I eat well and take care of myself, and my baby is happy for it! 

Lets just hope for a quick labor, and we are all set!! Ronnie and I took a childbirth preparation class and realized how much we didnt know! How naive we are, and although it answered alot of questions for also scared me a bit! Average 1st labor lasts 14 hours!! WHAT??!! 

We are considering getting a doula, who actually doubles as my prenatal yoga instructor. This will really help us along and reassure us that we know what we are doing!! 

Well, the sun is shining, and I am ready to start gardening! 


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