Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chia Seeds~Natures Super Food

I love Chia seeds! In fact I put 2 Tablespoons in my smoothie every single day! It can be used similarly to ground flax seed, however Chia has NO FLAVOR. But I will caution that if you put it in your HOT oatmeal, it does get a bit "gummy" so I prefer to enjoy it cold, mixed into yogurt, smoothie, or cold cereal.

Check out some of these amazing nutrition facts Chia Seeds have over other health powerhouses!

chia seeds nutrition compare
Check out some of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids included:
chia seeds nutrition facts



Five Star Nat said...

I'm pretty lucky that my kids enjoy chia seeds. We sprinkle them on any thing and everything. And if you look really closely at them they look like little eggs, my 5 year old pointed that out to me. I love to use them when I make a berry sauce for our pancakes every sunday morning. We use frozen berries, thaw them and the chia seeds help to solidify the mixture without having to add anything else!

Deborah Fisher (Flawless Foodie) said...

I love your berry sauce idea!! I will have to give that a try!!! :)Thanks for your comments!