Monday, December 5, 2011

Health Perks of Coffee

As most of my followers and readers know, I love coffee, and when Caffe Society approached me to do a guest post on my blog about the health benefits of coffee, I was excited to learn more!! 

See below:

Caffe SocietyHealth Perks of Coffee

Most of us refuse to start the day without a cup of coffee and scientists have spent years trying to find out how good coffee actually is for us. Recent research has suggested that coffee drunk in moderation may help to fight Alzheimer`s disease and dementia, mainly because of how caffeine works in the brain. However, the role of caffeine in preventing these disorders is still unknown.

We are aware that caffeine does boost concentration because most of us have all experienced the feeling when we know that another cup of coffee is the only way that we are going to be able to finish that important job. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant and because it stimulates the brain it makes us feel more alert. One study has shown that regular cups of coffee do improve our mental processes and a Californian study has suggested that the risk of suicide may be lowered by drinking coffee regularly. It has also been recommended that a couple of cups of coffee and a short rest or doze to allow the caffeine to get into the blood stream, can help to prevent fatigue when driving.

There are around fifteen research studies that have explored the link between coffee and diabetes. The research suggests that those who drink coffee, as compared to non-coffee drinkers may be less likely to have Type 2 Diabetes. As well as caffeine, coffee contains chromium and magnesium. These minerals have a role in regulating insulin production in the body and it is when this regulation becomes defective that diabetes occurs. There have also been links suggested between coffee consumption and a reduced the risk of Parkinson`s disease. Some of these positive effects have also been observed in studies that used decaffeinated coffee,

Like tea, coffee contains antioxidants. These molecules play an important role in protecting cells and tissues from damage by other types of molecules known as free radicals. These free radicals are produced in the body from normal cell processes as well as entering the body in a variety of ways, including from the diet, UV exposure or smoking. Accumulation of free radicals in the body contributes to aging and age-related diseases.

Even taking time out of your busy day to make or buy a cup of coffee may just give you that ten minutes of de-stress time that you need away from your desk. From <a href="">bean to cup</a> coffee has a number of health perks which can not only help you get through the day but may also provide some of those longer term health benefits.


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Wyatt said...

It's so refreshing to find articles like this that have been long been making the case for coffee and how it can actually be healthy - especially if it's good coffee enjoyed as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.