Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pure Honey

I had the pleasure of meeting Fatima Golos  Basic today! She is an upbeat and passionate owner of NutraBee! I love honey for its natural sweetness and found myself in search of the best honey available. I have been surprised to read about recent articles unveiling the raw truth about most honey sold in grocery stores! The truth is we trust labels too much, and just because it says organic doesn't mean its pure and of the best quality!

Click this link and read this article to learn more:

NutraBee makes 100% pure and natural Canadian Honey. They have many different honey options to choose from and seeing my sweet interest, I bought a few of her best sellers!

 Bee Active- for energy, endurance and concentration (so excited about this product!)
 Mountain Gold Honey, the best tasting honey to be added to toast, oatmeal...whatever you choose! 
 Bee Guard, natures flu shot!
Here are my purchases!! I added in honey candies and a green tea extract for teas! 

NutraBee has 2 locations and you can place orders online.

NutraB Inc.Store Location:
2E Tremont Drive, #3
St. Catharines, Ontario
L2T 3B2
NutraB Inc.
1623 Military Road, # 525
Niagara Falls, NY

Thanks again to Fatima as she has made a customer out of me, as her products are of exceptional quality and the taste is fabulous!


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