Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Earth's Best Pop Snax

Gotta love how food canisters become the best toys! I put these in front of little Chloe and she played with them for a good 15 minutes! It was awesome, as I made myself breakfast, and sipped my coffee! Ahhh.....
So...here we go, small snax! I decided to go with the Earths Best Carrot, Spinach and potato flavor of the two.

I was seriously impressed with her hand and mouth coordination! Chloe really seemed to enjoy these!


Chloe is 8 months old today!! So if you are going to introduce this type of snack, ensure your child is sitting in a chair, supervised and able to chew. Chloe seemed to master this! Hahaha! As she gobbled it all up! 

I feel good giving her this type of snack as well. Its healthy, organic, and made without artificial flavors or preservatives. It is also a good source of Vitamin A, E, Zinc and 6 B Vitamins. 

Gotta love the fact that the canister is resealable and easy to take on the go as well!

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