Thursday, March 15, 2012

Earths Best Wipes

As part of keeping our little babies healthy with the foods we eat, and that we provide them with, we also should consider the products that we use. I have to admit, I didnt even know that Chlorine Bleach was in the baby wipes that I have been previously buying...this is very harsh on our babies bums!

After trying Earths Best Chlorine Free Baby Wipes I could really notice the difference in the feel of the wipes and the softness. They are so gentle that they can also be used on the face and hands. (Especially important now that my little princess is eating!!)

I also got a little clean crazy after opening up the Nursery Wipes (it must be the awesome Spring weather we are having) and I cleaned up Chloes room with these clothes and was so impressed with the soft lavender and lemongrass scent. I felt like the room was super clean and I know that it is a healthy clean too! These wipes are also Chlorine bleach free and dont leave any residue. I even used them on her toys that she puts in her mouth! These would be great to toss in your diaper bag, for a quick clean on the fly!


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Kim Martineau said...

OMGosh, I didn't know that baby wipes had chlorine bleach in them! YIKES! I will be heading to my whole foods store in hopes they have these ones! Thanks for sharing the info