Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My very first 1/2 Marathon!


I have been looking for my next big goal, and I found it! I just registered (OMG!) for the 1/2 Marathon for Women in Niagara Falls! Its being held June 3rd, and I have some time to get ready and train for it! 

This is a bit of a stretch for me, I run a happy 10K and enjoy that run. In fact, outdoors I don't usually run! So with the awesome weather now, I am taking my workouts outside and finding some inner strength and power to push myself a lot further! 

I am working with the Running Room to develop my training plan today and I may have recruited a few Mommy friends to join me along my journey! What an accomplishment this will be!!! 

I am game on ready! Why not? I have only confidence and pride to gain! 


I will keep you posted on my training journey!!!!

ANY tips would be gladly appreciated! Please message me or post your comments! 



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