Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Raw Food Snacks!

 I am so excited to provide this review from Foods Alive ! I have sampled devoured each one of these tasty morsels and love them all! Of course I am slightly biased with the Chocolate ginger Krumbleez and Raw-Some snacks. These were so great! 

You can buy these online or if you live in B.C or Alberta they are available at some of the local shops. 

Trust me, these snacks are worth getting your hands on, your taste buds and health deserve it!

These snacks are perfectly crunchy and the flavours are well balanced. 

Why eat raw, uncooked foods?

sprout2Raw foods contain a full life force of enzymes and vitamins, that would otherwise be compromised by the cooking/heating process.
sprout2Raw foods aid in healthy digestion.
sprout2Raw foods are extremely satisfying, giving you more energy on smaller meals.
sprout2Raw foods enhance your immune system protecting you against the advance of many chronic & acute diseases.
sprout2Raw foods promote healthy weight loss that stays off!
sprout2Raw foods aid in mental clarity & hormonal balance.

These snacks are...


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