Monday, April 2, 2012

Earths best Sleepytime Lotion

Bath time is such a special bonding time! It's important to get into a bedtime routine for both yourself and baby!  We just love the Earth's Best Baby Care products. They are all natural and gentle on their precious skin. No harsh chemicals or heavy fragrances that will dry them out. Their products are made with natural botanicals, roots, herbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all from the earth.

Here is Chloe and Ronnie after a a bath, and we are getting ready to massage her with Sleepytime Lotion!

We are all looking for ways to soother our little babies before bedtime, we love this product! Its made with calming botanicals like Chamomile. Chamomile is known for its muscle relaxing attributes and helps to hydrate the skin. It contains no artificial colors, fragrances or harsh preservatives.

Do you want to try Earths Best Sleepytime Lotion in Chamomile?  Comment here on this blog post to enter to WIN!!

CONTEST: Ends April 3rd, 2012 at 5pm
1 Winner will be drawn, and posted on April 3rd. 

To enter: COMMENT (thats it!!!)

Note: This contest is only open to Canadian and USA residents.


Ashley Ramsey said...

I haven't tried earth's best baby body products yet, but I'd love to!

Ruby Fretz said...

LOVE IT! I would love to try this! Your website is so fabulous and informative!!!

Ruby Fretz

Five Star Nat said...

My baby is almost 5 months now (my forth) it really is special when just the two of us can spend time together. I wouldn't mind using this cream on myself too. Lol, sounds lovely!

Rachel Plentai said...

I would really love to try this! Thanks so much!

Deborah Fisher said...

WINNER IS ASHLEY RAMSEY!!! Congrats Ashley! I will contact you directly for your mailing address!! :)