Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love LUNA bars!!!

Luna Bars are a fabulous snack on the run! They are nutritious and delicious!!

They have the tastiest bars ever! When you are craving a little something in the mid day to pair up with a nice hot tea or coffee, this is a bar that I would definitely "GO TO". They make them with all natural ingredients that are 70% organic. 

I have tried out a bunch of flavours now and can say that my absolute favourite is...

However, the Lemon also awesome! I am not much for lemon, but really this is such a refreshing tasty little bar! Mmmmmmm

These bars are: 



    Krysta Lachapelle said...

    Deb, I LOVE your blog so much! How come I didn't know about this!?!?

    I'm totally bookmarking this.

    Deborah Fisher said...

    ah!!! thanks bella! I love food, and lately have been on a food review kick!!!! Glad you enjoy it!!! :)