Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Go Snacks for our little ones! (Earths Best)

Spring is here! The weather is getting so nice and its time to get out and enjoy it! Packing a little cooler or picnic of products is made much easier thanks to Earths Best! They offer a great variety of on the go snacks! Its important that our little ones get what they need in a healthy way. 

We tried out this Earth's Best Apple Sauce (I say we...because I ate it too!!)

I mixed some of the applesauce with her morning oatmeal! She loved it!!! 

It is made of 100% organic apples to keep little bodies and minds growing strong. This naturally sweet snack offers delicious taste and superior nutrition without artificial colours or perservatives. This snack is also an excellent source of vitamin C. 

Another great snack that I blogged about before, are the Earths Best Organic Pop Snax.

Everyone reaches for snacks during playdates. Keep this on hand in your diaper bag! They are healthy air popped rice and potato snacks that are fortified specially for toddlers with iron zinc and six B vitamins the Sweet Potato Cinnamon and Vegetable varieties will please everyone....including me! I also enjoyed these too! 

Earths Best On the go snacks are:

COMMENT on this blog post for your chance to win Earths Best Organic Pop Snax and Apple Sauce Sampler!!

Contest ends: Friday April 20th at 5pm
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Rebecca Fretz said...

LOVE your blog and Earths Best! I would love to win too!!

Rachel Sherman said...

Chloe is so cute! I love earths best products! I have yet to try these though!

Antonella said...

Thank you for all your blogs i look forward to learning new information from your posts! I love earth best products and I have yet to try the apple sauce. I say I because like yourself i try everything first (so yummy)
Ps. Your little peanut is such a great model!! :))

Deborah Fisher said...

CONGRATS ANTONELLA!!! I will message you separately to send out your winnings!!!

Thanks for your comment!!