Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Bootcamp!

I am super excited to run a Baby Bootcamp in a few weeks! 

As soon as I complete one goal of my 1/2 marathon....I am on to the next! LOVE IT!!!

Below are the some of the details! Calling out to all Mamas!! Join us! Its going to be fun getting fit together!!!

Get your body back in shape!
• Bring baby, stroller, yoga mat, baby toys(for distraction) and blankets to put them down
• No babysitter required!
• Dynamic and high energy outdoor workout
• Motivating Atmosphere
• Mix of Cardio and Functional training to tighten and tone your body
• Using Strollers and our babies as added resistance

Only $80 for a 4 week training session! Beginning June 5th
Tuesday and Thursday 11am-12pm



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