Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Changing it up!

Getting the body you want sometimes means changing it up

In addition to having a good diet and choosing food that is tasty, as well as good for you, it is also very important that you are getting the right kind of exercise. Many people are not able to make a difference in their overall fitness because either they are too strict on themselves or they become bored with what they are doing. Experts are now starting to suggest that you change up the routine that you are doing for exercise and find a variety of things that will be both interesting and fun to try. This can include anything from boxing or dance routines, to giving you a better overall workout with yoga.

For those who have been doing the same thing for a while and find that the mundane nature of what you are doing becomes dreadful there is a good chance that your body is actually getting used to doing it. There are some serious downsides to this and although it is encouraging that you may be sticking to it, for those who find it difficult to keep at the same thing you might be interested to know that the more you are doing this the more you are likely going to stop getting the results that originally were looking for. Instead you have limited what you body can do.

If you are not pushing yourself, particularly in new directions, you are not going to be able to expand your possibilities.  There are some solutions to this that don’t just include being able to get better in shape, but also add to your level of interest.

One quick solution to this is to incorporate a transitional sports drill. This means adding a variety of motions that your body will typically go through if you are playing a certain type of sport. You can do this with simply using an open area and some small objects strategically placed so that you can move quickly around them. This will simulate the sport and can build up stamina, agility and muscle tone.

Another popular method is to utilize boxing bags and boxing style techniques to build up your form and level of fitness. One of the reasons why this is increasingly popular is because it will increase your health and shape, but not give you a bulky or overly shapely appearance. You can do this with boxing bags, but many people use it to just add a more cut shape, enhancing their natural body

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