Thursday, May 3, 2012

Siliskins for Baby Food Jars

Now, there's an easier way to travel with baby food jars. Siliskins are a perfect complement to these jars and solve the problem of breakage while inside a diaper bag or tote. As the Siliskin is extreme-temperature resistant, the baby food jar can also be microwaved and stored in the fridge or freezer with the Siliskin on the jar!

Recently I broke one of my baby food jars...and I was not only terrified to ensure I picked up every little glass shard, I was also disappointed to be down a great Earth's Best food product! 

Also, I use Glass baby bottles and I had a wonderful moment shopping with Princess Chloe when her over tired temper came in full force and she threw her bottle out of the stroller...the words.."Clean up in Aisle 10!!" made a new mom blush with incredible embarrassment!! Could have used this then!! But now I am prepared! 

Give these a try! I love them!!! 

Shop for them online here!!


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