Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zucchini Pasta with Lemon-Pepper Tofu

Well thanks so much to Oxygen Magazine for giving me this fantastic recipe!! I made it for my dinner last night and it was incredible! I mean really! I was so happy that it turned out so well and also that it was also easy and quick! Dinner was done in 25 minutes, including prep time!

3 Lemons
3 oz extra firm tofu
Freshly cracked pepper
2 Zucchinis, rinsed
1/2 tbs canola oil
8 mint leaves
1 tbsp reduced-feta cheese

ZEST 1 lemon; set aside.
Cut and squeeze the juice out of the other 2 lemons into a bowl

DRAIN excess water from tofu. Slice into 4 pieces. Place on a plate and pour half of the lemon juice to marinate. Sprinkle with pepper

PEEL zucchini using a veggie peeler  until you get to the seeds. Add half of the oil to a pan and cook tofu steaks for 3 minutes per side

REMOVE tofu. Add oil and zucchini to pan; cook 1 minute Add lemon juice; cover pan to steam for 2 minutes. Add mint, zest and cheese. Transfer to a plate


NOTE: I didn't get a chance to take of pic of my dinner as I gobbled it all up before I thought about it...and really wasn't picture worthy! LOL!

So yummy! I loved it so much, I ended up using the whole package of tofu and ate probably 1/2 of it!! So delicious!


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