Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top 10 GMO food to avoid eating

  1. TOMATOES: the #1 gmo food out there!!
  2. COTTON: it  is considered a food because its oil is consumed
  3. CANOLA: on of the most chemically altered foods
  4. ASPARTAME: a horrible artificial sweetener
  5. DAIRY: 1 out of every 5 dairy cows are given growth hormones to increase milk production! 
  6. CORN: what can I say, its a filler for most foods and it is what they use to get animals fat! Corn has now been modified to create its own insecticide!
  7. PAPAYA: GMO papaya has been grown in Hawaii for the last 13 years and approved for consumption to the US and Canada!
  8. POTATOES: a favorite starch that has been modified with with toxic substances
  9. SOY: modified to resist herbicides, and the impact affects fertility
  10. RICE: Modified to increase its vitamin A content however there is concern with the boosting rice production and its safety
For more information and the full article click here

Remember Knowledge is power, and you can control what you put in  you body! It may cost a little more to buy ORGANIC but pay now or pay later! That has always been my motto! 


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