Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yoga! Training to be a Yoga instructor!

My passion for fitness and eat clean foods has lead me to my next challenge. One that I have contemplated since being pregnant. I admit that I never really appreciated Yoga for the craft that it is. 

I am known to be super active and busy bodied, and rather be out running, spinnning, doing crazy bootcamps, high impact aerobics or weight training, I found Yoga to be something that was too 'slow' paced for me. Then I got pregnant in the Fall of 2010. My high intensity workouts continued and I was introduced to Pre-natal Yoga by a means of 'stretching' and found it to be a place that I just melted into my mat. This was so much more than 'stretching'. How ignorant I was! 

I grew a huge connection to my body and my baby. I practised Yoga weekly and found such incredible benefits to my mind, body and spirit. Since Chloe was born in July 2011, I have focused my energy on training for  a few runs, including a 1/2 marathon. My hight intensity workouts started up again..but this time something was wrong! Since returning to my 'big girl' job...I have discovered how stress has crept back into my life. My hard workouts helped, but it seemed temporary. How did I forget Yoga? I have recently returned to my mat and found that I am rediscovering it again with such gratitude. The awesome feelings I have after a great practice, continue much longer than the time of the session. The learning of my mind and body and its capabilities are starting to unfold and I am truly excited.

I decided to take a huge leap and challenge myself to go deeper, I will take on the next 7 months to focus my desire to become a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance with Yoga by Sarah. Here I am first weekend of classes in, and I am already feeling the transformation. I am excited for the open road ahead and looking forward to sharing my journey with you! 
Embracing the challenges as they arise and maintaining the balance and strength to succeed. I will do this! 




Ashley said...

So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I love your website and this post especially. See you today, Erin

Deborah Fisher said...

Thanks so much!!! I am super happy to experience this with you too Erin!