Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thrive Forward Challenge!

I am ready to begin a very exciting challenge! The Thrive Forward Challenge created by Brandan Brazier the maker of Vega! The challenge is right in line with my goals of eating clean, but taking it a few steps further.  Its a 30 day wellness program focused on achieving long term health and enhanced performance through  plant-based nutrition.

Thrive Forward program launches in January. Pre-Register now to get your FREE Thrive 101 starter ebook.

Eat clean and Thrive. Thrive Forward is your FREE, personalized online guide to help transform your health through clean, plant-based nutrition. Your journey to optimized health begins with a customized wellness program, built with topics that are most relevant to you, such as nutrition, energy, sleep, weight management, libido and more. Each personalized plan includes comprehensive lesson videos, health tips and useful tools like eBooks, recipes, shopping lists and more.
Pre-register now to get your free starter eBook — Clean Eating 101 and be among the first to transform your health with your own personalized plan when Thrive Forward launches in January of 2013.
It’s your turn to Thrive Forward
This is the book that I have and it gives some fantastic recipes as well as the background information of why our nation is need of a change, not only for our bodies but for our world.

I hope you decide to thrive forward with me! I will be blogging along about my experiences and challenges as well as posting recipes that I love! 

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